Gaia’s Song Of Love


We practically know the whole story - at least the high points that make sense to the craziness on this planet. I'm not going to enumerate them either, just to say we know who the bullies are. And what do you do with bullies? You turn around, walk away and ignore them - why? Because they need your attention to succeed in their bullying. Yes, what they are doing is not right, and they will reap what their actions have sown. But I am not going to be the one who delivers that justice, Karma will.

Rather, I am still amazed that amid all the clutter, clamor, and pollution of every aspect of our lives in the 3D sphere, that love and beauty still flourish. That in between the raindrops the sun still shines. That mother earth still rains her liquid love upon us, and we, in those moments can know that love still exists in all its fullness. She is not done and this earth is not over.

It is spring here in Indiana, it has rained all morning, but the air is clean and the grass is greener, the temperature moderate and you can smell - feel spring is stirring. Life lives underneath all the misery. A lot of us condemn this '3D' paradigm, wishing for 4D, wishing for freedom from the harassment and all that goes with it, and yet, in the fleeting nanoseconds between the rain drops mother earth sings, "I am still here, I am still loving you, supporting you, feeding you and holding you for as long as you would wish to be in my beingness." I am in love right back with her.

This place is rich with sights, smells, feelings, foods, loves, experience, creatures, intelligences. We are so blessed. And we need to focus on the wonder of it all. To live deep, love deep, create expansively, responsibly, honoring all that is here for us to lovingly experience. Dannion Brinkley was right last night, we all need to relax. There is no hell and dying in not dying. We are not separate, but simply focused, to play in this world better and once we get over the lies of the bullies, we will remember.

A great teacher of mine said once, "You can take your lessons in Wisdom or Woe." I want the wisdom, joy and love. I tip my hat to the ones who want woe, I could never pursue that path, and I solemnly turn around and walk away leaving them to their devices. Wisdom brings light and all I can do is feel sorrow for the dark choices they have made - Karma is the great teacher.

When I look out my window, I see the light, the love, the life and know it is good, and Oh! I do love it so.

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