The three blind men

March 31, 2016 Alison Bell 1

This week on Fade to Black was all about the Breakaway Civilizations we have had on the earth since time immemorial.  These three men are all brilliant and  each one presents such excellent research in this field. We do them disservice by trying to weigh one against the other – as if they were not presenting pieces of the same picture. The way we tend to look at information on the subject of UAP/UFO’s is to look for ONE person who is right – a savior of sorts… Truth is malleable. Truth is a subjective observation of the apprehended idea, [-MORE-]


March 30, 2016 Alison Bell 0

Last night Jimmy asked What can be done? To this I say: These people are connected to an organization called Thrive – they are bringing together in one place as many solutions as they can find. Every delicious idea you have ever wanted is catalogued here along with all of the links and information. They even have a resource tree that will blow your mind . Watch their movie to get a better idea of the massive effort they have put into their nexus. There is great hope just with in this one site and great answers. Nassim [-MORE-]

the Awakening

March 28, 2016 Alison Bell 0

Just a quick little thought experiment: What if it all did happen 2012? We ascended, the earth changed, and all the attending things took place: but we FAILED to notice? And the reason we still have the bad guys and all the falderal going on is because we are simply creating it in our minds – because we didn’t notice??? That would mean that when we do wake up, when we do realize the fact that we are master creators, this world will change in a flash. (maybe of light?) Meaning the ONLY reason it appears as it does is [-MORE-]

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GMO Food Labeling

March 24, 2016 Casper Parks 0

GMO Foods Genetically Modified Organisms When hearing, reading and watching GMOs in the news it generally refers to meats and plant based foods. Altering food is for a variety of reasons: The ability to withstand droughts, resistance to pests, nicer appearance, faster growth and bulk, and battle famine in third world countries. There are many arguments in favor and against GMOs. GMOs have been around for years, are here to stay and will continue expanding into the market; hence, the debate is an individual’s right to know what they are eating. What are the odds of a family sitting at [-MORE-]

Gaia’s Song Of Love

March 24, 2016 Alison Bell 0

We practically know the whole story – at least the high points that make sense to the craziness on this planet. I’m not going to enumerate them either, just to say we know who the bullies are. And what do you do with bullies? You turn around, walk away and ignore them – why? Because they need your attention to succeed in their bullying. Yes, what they are doing is not right, and they will reap what their actions have sown. But I am not going to be the one who delivers that justice, Karma will. Rather, I am still [-MORE-]

The Roswell Alien Interview : the information cycle

March 23, 2016 Alison Bell 2

I have been struck by the similarities of old and new information lately and the cyclic re-emergence of all of it. I have run across the book: Alien Interview By Matilda O’Donnell Macelroy.  The material in this book sounds like The Law of 1, the Bailey books, plus the Emerald Tablets of Thoth. It also sounds like the Blue Avians message. It also reminds me of the messages of the old-guys – Adamski, Menger, and VanTassell, (1) and what they wrote about the space bother’s message. I find that really, in whatever form it has come to earth, the message that was delivered [-MORE-]

Conversations with a group heart/mind on disclosure and the world as it is.

March 23, 2016 Alison Bell 0

I am blessed to know these people who speak through one name, although they are separate bodies and separate people but not separate hearts and minds. So, I asked to share this because I knew the answer would be a precious gem of wisdom. Now I share it with you – having permission to do so. If you were from off planet, would you see us this way? Alison Bell Have you heard this? I am curious of your thoughts, if you have. ROSWELL-Interview with an Alien-PART ONE In July 1947 the Roswell Army Air Field issued a press [-MORE-]

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March 21, 2016 Casper Parks 0

Biometrics Biometrics covers a wide variety ranging from fingerprints and veins in hands, eye scans, voice, tattoos, Biochip implants, and more. At the time of this posting, a US election is in full swing. Both major parties are pushing for Biometrics on VISAs of those entering the country for work, schooling and whatever. Their claim is adding Biometrics to VISAs that allows the government to “track and locate” those here on VISAs. In doing so, prevent acts of terror and find people who overstay their VISAs. Years ago, fingerprints became part of applying for State and Federal issued IDs. Adding [-MORE-]

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Short Little History (sort of…)

March 15, 2016 Alison Bell 0

Thoughts from: Cosmic Disclosure: Who Built the Moon? (March 2016) Season 4, Episode 2   See more at: Read more at It seems that there was an AI induced premature evolution of technology that led to the enhancement of bellicosity in the populace of the solar system directly responsible for the destruction of Tiamat, a super earth, and the destruction of Mars’ atmosphere, plus the evolution of earth into a different biosphere due to the tidal lock of the moon. by Jeff Roberts reproduced in total here; it can not be found any longer on the original web site: [-MORE-]

Soul genetics

March 9, 2016 Alison Bell 0

Just a short one from my daily journal – Soul genetics Wednesday, March 9, 2016 11:05 AM All this talk of genetics and different ET races and refugees and waves of migrants to this planet has me thinking. I have heard that it is rare that one planet has so many different genomes on it – from so many different places, all mixed and intertwined. This has been blamed for a lot of our faults, our war-like belligerence. Even the really old only continuous race on this planet, IE’s think we are flawed because of it. Well, what if; beyond [-MORE-]