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Thoughts from: Cosmic Disclosure: Who Built the Moon? (March 2016) Season 4, Episode 2 

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progenitorIt seems that there was an AI induced premature evolution of technology that led to the enhancement of bellicosity in the populace of the solar system directly responsible for the destruction of Tiamat, a super earth, and the destruction of Mars' atmosphere, plus the evolution of earth into a different biosphere due to the tidal lock of the moon. by Jeff Roberts reproduced in total here; it can not be found any longer on the original web site:

Hold On For This One: The Moon Is Hollow And This Is Why:

Imo, I also  think that the moon which was the get away vehicle of the elite of Tiamat was damaged enough by the rubble of the explosion of Tiamat on it's journey here that instead of parking in orbit, it bounced off the top of the earth at the north pole and then into orbit. There was a time in historical record, that the peoples of the earth remember a moonless sky...

earth b4 the flood
What Earth might have looked like before the moon and the deluge.

1.14 a moonless sky

We have seen that the traditions of diverse peoples offer corroborative testimony to the effect that in a very early age, but still in the memory of mankind, no moon accompanied the Earth. (10)  Since human beings already peopled the Earth, it is improbable that the Moon sprang from it: there must have existed a solid lithosphere, not a liquid earth. Thus while I do not claim to know the origin of the Moon, I find it more probable that the Moon was captured by the Earth. Such an event would have occurred as a catastrophe. (11)  If the Moon’s formation took place away from the Earth, (12)  its composition may be quite different.

[In addition to the sources cited above, cf. The Nihongi Chronicles of Japan (I.ii, in Transactions and Proceedings of the Japanese Society, vol. I [1896]) which recount how “Heaven and Earth . . . produced the Moon-god.” The Kalevala of the Finns recalls a time “when the Moon was placed in orbit.” (Rune III.35)]

Greek authors Aristotle and Plutarch, and Roman authors Apollonius Rhodius and Ovid all wrote of a group of people called the Proselenes or Arcadians who lived in the central mountainous area of Greece called Arcadia. The Proselenes claimed title to this area because their forebears were there “before there was a moon in the heavens.” [6]

Whiston found in classical literature references to the change in inclination of the terrestrial axis and, ascribing it to a displacement of the poles by the comet of the Deluge, concluded that before this catastrophe the planes of daily rotation and yearly revolution coincided and that, therefore, there had been no seasons. He also found references to a year consisting of 360 days only, and although the Greek authors referred the change to the time of Atreus and Thyestes, and the Romans to the time of Numa, ca. -700, Whiston ascribed these changes to the effect of the Earth’s encounter with the comet of the Deluge. Whiston thought that the Earth itself was once a comet.

Is it possible that these earliest people could move planets also, or did the planetary movement occur due to the upset of the geometrical frequency of the planets needing to rebalance after the destruction of Tiamat per EU theory?

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Episode 2, Symbols of an Alien Sky: The Lightning-Scarred Planet, Mars

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The history of AI infiltration seems to be far older than even our earliest records from this solar system. This information on AI would be highly interesting to ad into this equation. This IMO is the piece of information that would draw all of threads of extremely old history together and place things on an understandable timeline.

It seems our inner earth populace at least have developed their technology in alignment with spiritual balance. Since they have been here purportedly for 17 million years, they might know....

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