Biometrics covers a wide variety ranging from fingerprints and veins in hands, eye scans, voice, tattoos, Biochip implants, and more.

At the time of this posting, a US election is in full swing. Both major parties are pushing for Biometrics on VISAs of those entering the country for work, schooling and whatever.

Their claim is adding Biometrics to VISAs that allows the government to “track and locate” those here on VISAs. In doing so, prevent acts of terror and find people who overstay their VISAs. Years ago, fingerprints became part of applying for State and Federal issued IDs.

Adding Biometrics for VISAs is confusing, it gives people the impression nothing is currently in place. Fingerprints for VISAs are already law.

“The Enhanced Border Security and Visa Entry Reform Act of 2002, the U.S. Congress mandated the use of Biometrics in U.S. visas”.

Reference: Travel State Dot Gov site on VISAs

Key wording “track and locate” those in the US on VISAs is important.

Adding a tracking chip to a VISA card is not Biometrics, a card or passport is not part of the physical body. How often does a person have their VISA scanned? VISAs are not required to buy food, products, rent an apartment.

A VISA has an expiration date printed on it. If applying for employment, why would someone overstaying that date use his or her VISA?

What would it take to “track and locate”?

A VISA expires, and an individual not recorded as leaving the country, is there a nationwide arrest warrant? That is not what politicians are saying. Add Biometrics to VISAs, which is are already in place via fingerprints. Again, that question of “what type of Biometrics” are they adding?

Implementing a “track and locate” to find those overstaying VISAs reaches deep inside of Pandora’s Box.

Politicians are vague on what type of Biometrics they want added to VISAs, and avoid answering questions of expanding it to State issued IDs. Most States within the US require fingerprints on record for an ID.

How would they locate people overstaying VISAs?

Politicians and corporations opened Pandora’s Box long ago. It is a matter of containment, and attempting to place stuff back inside of it.

Give an inch and they take a mile.

War on Drugs expanded to include drug testing for employment.

Direct deposit was at first voluntary, with assurances never forced on people. Now, it is a condition of employment, and required for Social Security retirement funds.

Old adage, “Want society to go from point E to F, and they don’t want to do it? Create or allow a problem to get out of hand, and people willing accept point F as the solution.”

Is illegal immigration “another prod for herding society” toward an ultimate goal of Bio-microchip implants? Is there a goal of monitoring and control of every single person on the planet?

What is it those in government and corporations are saying, and what is the end-result they want to achieve?

Do not fall victim to fear porn. Mainstream media lies and distorts. Staying current with mainstream media is important, it keeps those awake mindful of what is going on around them. In a roundabout fashion, they are providing information for long-term goals.

How will “tracking and locating” those overstaying VISAs be implemented? Will they force everyone to use a federal endorsed ID when buying, selling, renting an apartment or applying for work?

Are they thinking of implanting Biochips into people using VISAs? At the time of this posting, it is unlikely they are pushing for Biochip implants into the flesh of immigrants.

Is there a long-term goal of implanting Biometric Microchips inside of every person on the planet? Often what is not widely accepted today will be in the near future.

March 14th 2016 on Fade to Black, Jim Marrs stated “Look behind the headlines”.  (It is a broadcast worth listening to more than once.)

Politicians are not clear what they mean by adding Biometrics for VISAs. It is confusing because fingerprints are part of current VISAs.

Again, it is not only the United States having illegal immigration and refugee issues. It is a global problem without easy resolutions.

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