Soul genetics


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Soul genetics

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

11:05 AM

All this talk of genetics and different ET races and refugees and waves of migrants to this planet has me thinking. I have heard that it is rare that one planet has so many different genomes on it - from so many different places, all mixed and intertwined. This has been blamed for a lot of our faults, our war-like belligerence. Even the really old only continuous race on this planet, IE's think we are flawed because of it.

Well, what if; beyond all the little agendas between all the various people here, the real experiment is to see if we could get to the point where we see beyond the wrappers we all exist in and perceive the soul that inhabits, lives with in and recognize our unity in that instead of all the various beliefs and agendas and colors and variations?

That would make all the rest of the issues bullshit, wouldn't it.

Because I like to think about the big picture, once I see a pattern and can trace it from little to big, my very next thought is, How far can I push this idea before it crashes? So take the term genetics, which is the crux of the matter and pull it up a dimension. Is there such a thing as soul genetics? Is there a traceable element that is a part of the construct of the soul that predicates the typology of that energetic expression? If the answer is yes, then is there some point in the souls development where even that does not matter? Somewhere before total merge back to the source???

Because in the As Above, So Below hypothesis, it should translate.

If this is true, then our greatest lesson is one of TOLERANCE.

Live and Let Live.

IDIC: Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combination.

Learning from our differences, adding our differences and emulating source, in its drive to create myriad combinations to know its own self better.

Any philosophy that creates hate and separateness is BOGUS and involutionary. (As in PLAY NICE!!!! with your neighboors or take a nap.)

Come on, wake up! The one common problem with all of the theories about all the different peoples on, in or above the planet is that the differences separate. If it's different we fear it, if we fear it, we hate it… if we hate it we kill it or run from it. It’s a simple biological imperative. Can't we just rise above that for a while and see what happens? Conduct a little experiment of our own? If we could all just get on with each other for 5 minutes, imagine what we could discover.

Maybe that we are all more similar than not, that we always have been and always will be.

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