How Pick the Lock on Your Frequency Gate


Maybe I jumped the gun (or the shark) a bit with the 12 strand DNA posting, but I still think that our 'Junk" DNA is being used to program a reality/frequency gate into our bodies and thusly our perceptive ability. I am stuck on those two words. They keep echoing in my mind.

Frequency Gate

Frequency Gate

Frequency Gate….

My mind has played it like a broken record until I said, "OK!!!! Shut UP already! I'll look!"

Remember Bohm said: Matter is frozen light. (frozen meaning a very low frequency of the electromagnetic field)

Matter exists as Spherical Standing Waves in Space.

Time is caused by wave Motion (as spherical wave motions of Space which cause matter's activity and the phenomena of time).

The discrete 'particle' effect of matter is formed by the Wave-Center of the Spherical Waves.

Then Monday night David literally re-invents our understanding of information storage with the statement that the entire DNA information of a human being could fit in one photon - waitaminit - then later he said enough information to create this entire universe could fit into one photon.

So we have two true (IMO) statements about light. 1. Matter is frozen light 2. Photons (light) carry incredible amounts of information.


What if the way to access that information is solely dependent on vibratory speed? Like each time you look at the photon at a different vibratory rate, you get a different piece of information??

Because if matter is frozen light, then we are walking libraries of information expressing the information that correlates to our personal vibratory rate… So that would mean as our frequency increases so would our density or the amount of information accessible in the photons that make up our DNA, so would its organization and coherency.

Which also would mean that as we become consciously aware of the frequency level of our thoughts and begin to pick and choose which of those thoughts we will to embody (or think about) we can really and truly begin to raise our frequency by hedging out the lower crapola and emphasizing the higher good stuff.

That is exactly why the words FREQUENCY GATE kept bouncing around in my empty head like the game of Pong (dating myself here) because, the element that wants to trap us in this reality (whatever name you want to assign to them) MUST keep us in this lower frequency. To do that they must keep those lower frequencies active in our hearts and mind and confuse the issue so we don't notice. THOSE LOWER FREQUENCIES ARE THE 'FREQUENCY GATE'. And yes, I think we are all genetically 'prone' to them, but not stuck in them and as David said, the Universe is set up to reward the good stuff. It is truly as easy as 'watching your thoughts'. It’s the same way you watch your words…lols like no swearing in public… sorta thing. It's actually provable - remember my article where I talked about Car Karma?? Lols Instant karmic practice. ( )

The universe has been trying to teach us all along. It has taken until the vibratory rate of the planet raised to this transitional phase for it to catch our attention. Karma used to take a very long time to manifest, not anymore, it's almost instantaneous.

Anyway - OPEN your Frequency Gate and escape for a while.

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