Inception inspired by true story.


Inception was written after a friend who was 17/18 yrs old had called. His girlfriend was in labor at the hospital. He was a homeless teenager, couch surfing through his last two years of high school. I thought, so young to have a child. His situation was emotional, joy of birth and fear of the unknown. After his call, my thoughts transposed into words.

He proved to be good father. He ensured his daughter was loved, had brand name clothing, healthcare, child support, took her for swim team meets and so-on. A couple years after she was born, he started buying apartments with his X in-laws. Using apartments to set up a type of Trust. Their plan was pay off mortgages as she grew-up, then selling one building at a time to cover the cost of college. I doubt she is aware of this poem and that it was written for her...


Uncertain of mortality, in search of clarity, two minds crisscrossed lines, their souls danced out of time.

Penetrating unlit chasms, hearts thumped out of rhyme.

Joined for exhilaration, detached after expiration.

Yearning for absolution, another soul seeks resolution, yields to an unknown destination.

Created at conception; disconnected at separation.

With intentions unknown an individual slipped on through.

Bleeding conduit departed, the body shuddered.

Transcending boundaries of unreality, balanced between sanity and eccentricity.

Pondering who, why, what, where and when, a solitary tempo beats within.

Copyright 1997, Casper Parks

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