Have you noticed lately how even the posts and sources that are your go-to informational spots, the ones you have been able to trust have changed slightly? Almost like before they hit the internet they are being intercepted and changed - just slightly? Have you also noticed the irritating way some people are capitalizing on other's work and reposting videos that are old news with new captions? Have you noticed that people from out of nowhere are beginning to edit clips from all sorts of information and are sticking them all together out of context to prove a point? Have you ever wondered if they actually have vetted their sources? Or if because it was published before, they assume that, that makes it true?

Have you noticed the invasive and downright irritating (because you have to wait four seconds to hit the 'skip ad' button) ads all over you tube? Click bait on articles? Video ads irritating you enough so that you will want to buy the you tube 'red'??? Have you noticed the rewriting of information (incorrectly I might add, in a number of ways) just enough to make sense so it can be republished with all sorts of stupid ads on eye bags, erectile dysfunction and big boobs????? Have you noticed that it doesn't matter what subject you are looking at under the images part of google, some where in there is an X-rated picture of some sort?

I knew the day would come when this avenue also, would become so over run with garbage that it would be almost impossible to navigate or use as a resource to research or vet anything, the day would come when the saturation point of disinformation would become so top heavy that nothing of any worth could be just stumbled upon.

Discernment filters and reality bubbles. Interesting. When we hoped that the internet tool would become a way to achieve greater unity, it too has been infiltrated and made almost useless. This is interesting. Keep your eyes open and see if you think it is true too. I'm seeing more and more of it. I've been trying to ignore it and get on with the plan, but lately I've just had to see it for what it is. Stepping back and observing it, it's far worse that I had thought.


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