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     I have begun to notice things, as many know I am often the crazy conspiracy theorist person, and I own that. In the last few years, I have seen "the powers that be" begin to lose their grip on things. Much of this seems to be from people refusing to take what they are given with no reasoning as to why, on all sides of our nations, no matter your view. The point of this country is and always will be…Money…period, if you want to argue that, you are willfully ignorant and to that, I say, good luck! *Defining: Ignorant…meaning to ignore, (not stupid or unintelligent) please note*. That said, as with any super power dying, there is a power vacuum that arises as people begin to grab for what they never could. Most times the only things wanted are more money and power, as those trying to be millionaires fight those dying Billionaires to take their places. This is what is happening; the Cabal is dying, losing their thought to be untouchable grip on the masses. In addition, as with any human things, the young learn from the old and do as their forebears did, with differing ethics and views, as they grab for what is being lost. Much as a Prince seeing weakness in his king father might. Everyone wants change, no matter where it is coming from or what it is, why, because that is the ONLY universal constant, that things\life WILL change. So as such, we are seeing the battle for the power vacuum now, as we can no longer tell the difference between friend and foe. I feel, in what I see, that the well-oiled Cabal that had the longest grip, is being replaced with lesser entities, which only have a portion of the true "control formula". Now each piece is being used in different ways and by differing interests.

     It is possible that no singular one group has all the power any longer; it is almost certainly due to this visible struggle, which the Cabal would never have let the masses see. Main stream media ran seamlessly on lies for decades with disinformation and half truths all over, even spawning the term "double speak" for actual use even though it is from a fictional book…now not so far from reality. People today cannot tell a truth from a lie and not only that, they cannot tell when being lied too. Children in this way often take advantage of parents, when the parent cannot tell when said child is lying. This leads to distrust and huge divides, when the true reality crashes before parent's feet when explained by those wiser.

However, before that crash, the parents argue and fight with all those around them defending their child's honesty, damming all others as liars. This is where I feel we are right now, the time in-between the lies and the crash. It is the time of denial from at least two aspects easy to see…1) that their child would be capable of lying to them at all and 2) that they are not as knowledgeable about their own children that they cannot tell truths from lies. These two may seem the same, but they are merely closely interactive with one another. This is where the conflict resides, in that parents loves their children so blindly that they cannot believe their own children lie, and even if they lie to the rest of the world, the parents feels it will never be to them. Therefore, while a parent might accept the capability of lying in all, it takes longer to accept that their children are doing it to them if at all.

This conflict, in the time it takes to run its natural course, leads people to a few things. First, the parents will make themselves look foolish in their gullibility at what their children or any person is capable of doing, to those already having dealt with the issue. As the parents hopelessly defend their child's respect and love for them by demanding, others believe parents assessment. This in turns leads to parents willfully denying any wrongdoing by their children, despite contrary reports from others, even parents they, themselves, respect as truthful people. The byproduct of this event causes distrust in all things, hindering a person's overall ability to define the truth, or even trust anything anymore, due to having their whole view destroyed by lies. This then bleeds over into all aspects of life, because in the mind, if the child we supported, respected, and love could lie, then there must be more liars out there or everyone is thus.

Now, one would think this would lead people to being more careful and checking to make sure they are not believing lies, openly. However, this does not seem to happen anymore, people merely refuse to believe anything that does not fit into their reality, no matter how constructed. They shut down and fight, rather than open their minds and dig deeper as we do with our children. We force them to be honest through challenging children's reason or excuses and proving themselves, but this does not bleed into all aspects of life, some never even do it. On the topic of respect, some may say, "give your elders their due respect"…where others may say, "respect is earned not given"…both hold value, but in different situations. Giving an elder their "due respect" is based on their wisdom, whereas respect being earned by proving one is trustworthy in their actions is wholly different. These are not the same to me, and one does not mean the other, nor are they given. People lie, we know this, it is a part of our nature as humans, but it is the intent that is always in question. Do we as parents perpetuate the lie of Santa, which it is, with ill intent…no, of course not. Do we as people lie about a group's true "agenda" when we can guess that not all people are evil and want to hurt us…most end up believing that is a lie…then the intent to deceive is ill formed. There is a metric ton of examples here and if you only want to argue that point, one might miss the deeper meaning here.

Those who work to control others are not like parents (most often), they do not want us to grow, and become greater, they want us a docile group of followers. Take how the military views things, they want people that do not question orders given, and most certainly, that never ask if something is a lie or not. Their orders are not based on facts or truths they are merely to be followed. That is why when we see cliché movies about dying and meeting God, he says, "you cannot say I was just doing what I was told, following orders" as your excuse for your actions. This is no different with and from information today, we cannot merely say we are acting as Fox News or Cnn or any other news source tells us to, merely because they put stories out that we blindly believe, as we all have done because it fit our narrative. We choose our actions, and that shows the true nature of our ethics and values, not what we are told to do with fear and coercion tactics.

Moreover, like a parents with lying children, we cannot believe that merely because there is a show of support, respect and love that any person, media entity or even government is not capable of lying merely because we cannot believe it…one does not make the other true. I fear that there are many people, (if you want to infer one side or another then you are doing that yourself)…but I fear most people will not see certain truths until they are dropped dead at their feet like a cat with a gifted mouse, gross and smelly. The ability to discern, to distinguish, tell apart is something that sorely needs to be worked on, quickly. As much as I dislike the use of religion as an example. If the God Christian's are so sure is real, would try to stop at least some things from happening, no? But to turn around and make the excuse that "it was for a reason" to make someone stronger or whatnot…is akin to not accepting that our own children can lie to us without regard merely to preserve their own well being, to not get punished or lose something they care about. We were given free will and the ability to choose our own paths, but this is our chance to take many aspects not left to us into our hands. To be proactive and create a precedent for the youth that so often cannot tell the truth anymore, how to discern the truth, not by being told what is true….But to figure things out for one's self by using a deeper critical thinking.

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