Legislation Under the Radar…


Notation: This is not about Politics is about Conspiracy.

While everyone is distracted by crazy headlines, legislation is being passed under the radar.

On January 27th 2017, Trump signed: EXECUTIVE ORDER

Sec 8: Expedited Completions of the Biometric Entry-Ex Tracking System. (a) The Secretary of Homeland Security shall expedite the completions and implementation of a biometric entry-exit system for all travelers to the Unites States, as recommended by the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States.

Trump quote from video, "On Land, On Sea, In Air we will have a proper tracking system."

The United States requires finger prints, photo, signatures and computer chips on Passports and Visas. Finger prints and signatures are considered biometrics.

Does tracking people by land, sea and air mean bio-chips, electronic tattoos or something we don't know about yet? They are not going into details what is meant by Biometric Tracking System, so it is unclear what they are planning... Hence, it is a Red Flag to watch...

Employers want employees' DNA for Wellness Programs, new legislation is pending to allow it.

H.R.1313 - Preserving Employee Wellness Programs Act, click here to view legislation.

It is reported that all Democrats voted against it, however enough Republicans voted in favor of it...

H.R.1313 - Preserving Employee Wellness Programs Act allows employers to gather DNA from employees, and punish employees refusing to provide it.

Suggested reading, Washington Post article titled, Employees who decline genetic testing could face penalties under proposed bill - click here.

Does an employer really need to have employees DNA? They claim it is for healthcare reasons... Are Employer DNA Data Bases safe from abuse?

Familial DNA to solve crimes is a difficult issue to navigate. Below video explains how Familial DNA was used inside of a Criminal Database. It is worth noting, that an arrest in many States for anything results with DNA gathered and placed into a Database. When someone was found innocent, there have been legal battles to have that DNA removed from a Database.

Familial DNA Cracks Case

Familiar DNA searches have not been restricted to Criminal DNA Databases. Law enforcement has used "open warrants" to search for Familiar DNA within Private Databases.

For example; someone paid for an ancestry study to learn what nationalities or heritage is in their bloodline. Using "open warrants", law enforcement has searched for Familiar DNA in Private Databases. Notation, many ancestry DNA research companies have updated their Privacy Policies to include law enforcement requests.

Suggested reading concerning law enforcement usage of a non-Criminal DNA and Public Database, CBS 48 Hours The DNA of a Killer by clicking here.

Familiar DNA searches of Criminal Data Bases is an entirely different than searching a Private DNA Database. The CBS news story, mentions a Public DNA Database was used for Familiar DNA, and that Database is now listed as private. However, private does not get around Open Warrants for searches.

Will the government use "catching criminals and protecting society" as an excuse to violate privacy?

**It is certain that law enforcement usage of Open Warrants to search Private DNA Databases will make its way through the court systems.

Finger Printing was first use for criminal investigation then expanded to required at birth in many States, and many States require Finger Prints for a State issued ID. Go into a bank to cash a check, and the check is drawn from that bank, many banks require your ID (understandable) and a Finger Print.

How far away are we from States requiring DNA at birth, and DNA for State Issued IDs?

DNA is very different from Finger Prints.

DNA is a person's genetic make-up.

Internet Privacy Rules

March 23rd,2017, Congress undid Internet Privacy Rules that prohibited internet providers from gathering and selling personal data of customers. Vote was split along party lines, Democrats opposed and Republicans favored.

*Former Federal Communications Commission chairman Tom Wheeler said, “While everyone was focused on the latest headline crisis coming out of the White House, Congress was able to roll back privacy.”

Internet Neutrality

New head of the FCC is undoing rules that prohibited internet providers from throttling, slowing, blocking or charging websites access fees to their customer base. Although internet providers are promising they won't throttle, slow, block or charge websites access fees - they want the law undone.

If you're not planning to throttle, slow, block or charge websites access fees then Internet Neutrality should not be an issue.

Undoing it is akin to undoing "bank robbery laws" and hope no one robs a bank. If you don't rob a bank, then you don't have a problem with the law...

Militarization of State and Local Police

After Ferguson, Mo. unrest in 2014, Obama yielded to pressure and restricted Federal Government providing local police with military hardware.

Trump and the Republicans have promised to undo those restrictions.

They have talked about allowing "Stop and Frisk" nationwide.... Stop and Frisk was working its way through the courts but was dropped. **Those supporting Stop and Frisk feared the Supreme Court would strike it down, and until new Appointees are done at the Supreme Court it had to wait.

Stop and Frisk allows police to halt someone and search them without Probable Cause. It is a Police State...

Special Protections for Law Enforcement

Bill S.1134 Back the Blue Act, click here to read legislation.

There is a lot of good stuff inside of the legislation, however within it are provisions that could make it difficult to sue law enforcement for mistakes and or wrong-doing.

Read Section 5 of the Bill...

Was the 2016 Election Rigged?

Amid all the distractions, main-stream and alternative media have not looked into the possibility that voting machines counting paper ballots were rigged to flip X number of votes from one party to another. There is circumstantial evidence that requires an investigation. However, everyone is focused on Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Recommend viewing the 2006 Documentary "Hacking Democracy" by clicking here for Amazon or Visit the film's website by clicking here.

The same voting machines mentioned in this 2006 Documentary were used again in the 2016 Election. If Democrats have proof that machines were rigged it is doubtful they'd go public. Doing-so would destroy public faith,  and risk riots and looting across the country. Even a mention of an investigation of rigged voting machines is risky.

Michigan for example used those same voting machines for 2016, however have ordered new voting machines for upcoming elections. Those new voting machines raise new questions. Will rigging of newer and improved voting machines be almost impossible to detect?

In closing: This is not about Politics is about Conspiracy.

Things passing Under the Radar is mind-boggling and almost impossible to track all of it.

*The following quote from Former Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and current Trump advisor, "Trump and the Republicans are doing so many different things on parallel tracks, the news media and activists can’t follow it all. This is by design."

Crazy as this sounds, is Newt Gingrich bragging about confusing distractions and passing legislation under the radar?

Republican and Democrat Parties are not what they once were.

Many Liberals and Conservatives are opposed to Big Brother, want Privacy Rights, Open Internet and Freedoms.

Again, it is not Liberal against Conservative...

Since Republicans are in control of the Senate, Congress and White House it allows Democrats the luxury of opposing a lot of what is going-on in regards to legislation... Come 2018 mid-terms, and 2020 elections Democrats can claim they stood opposed. In the future, let's say Democrats re-take control of the Senate and White House, however don't control Congress it is unlikely any of what is being done in 2017 and 2018 will change.

**Possible court cases concerning privacy rights, voting rights, laws undone and new laws are the reason upcoming appointments to Supreme Court are important. Hence in the 2016 Election Cycle, upcoming Supreme Court appointments was continually raised.

*Quote references for Tom Wheeler and Newt Gingrich from the Washington Post, click here to view.

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