Take the box down off the closet shelf and open it.


There is a profound interaction between energy and information and consciousness. Energy itself is conscious. Information is the matrix of that consciousness. Consciousness is the awareness of the intersection of the two states, the product of that multiplication is intelligence.

If a soul is a gathering of a type of energy (consciousness coherence) then: that energy is a torsion tensor within an intelligence field of energy. It is a form of scalar wave.

A body would be: a spinning coagulation of energy in organized cohered zero points. (chakras) as are all atoms, molecules and cell structures: simply larger organized areas of energetic scalars: planets, stars systems galaxies, etc.


The Soul is:

The profound knowledge of the idea of the physical medium (space time) it's self as being an information-created-medium:

It, itself, is the philosopher's stone (indestructible)

It, itself, transmutes itself into creation (it creates itself and everything else)

It, is self-aware (aware of itself and that it exists)

Conservation of energy is a fundamental axiom of science. The first law of thermodynamics states that energy can't be created or destroyed. It can only change state. If energy is merely information, then that information never ceases to exist, and it becomes integral in a larger system - or changes state.

Consider that we are already integral in a larger state, but that we, in 3D, are simply choosing to ignore that so we can have a deeper more intense experience in the 3d realm. The extreme focus required to stay alive, coherent and functioning in this realm precludes or veils our ability to perceive outside of this area, unless we intend it.

Once we get the idea in our heads to explore this other realm, we have training and conditioning to overcome because we have been trained to ignore it, and rightfully so, because our survival depended on paying attention to here and now and what was in your face.

It is interesting that the internet has provided an imaginary space that we can all congregate in that has nothing to do with physical reality (really…??). It is a step in training towards the understanding that entire realms of reality can and do exist outside of the physical manifestation and that they are just as real and worthy of attention as the physical.

It is a step towards understanding how all information states interpenetrate at all levels and it is the beginning of us practicing smoothly combining these states without confusion.

This can and does relate to physics - in its newest incarnation, open system physics, the physics that states that consciousness is the mediating factor in what is seen and observed in the fabric of space/time, that consciousness alters time and space and the physical medium by the simple act of observation. All is more intricately connected than the wildest imagination could conceive, and yet there is science and math that can explain and describe it all.


We are imagoes. We are in a pupal stage developing our wings, a pre-adult state, just before we break out of our 3d cocoons and enter into the greater reality of the universe. We are about to be born, about to unfold our wings and fly.

It is meant for us to live in all of the states that we can integrate. Imagination is simply the poor red-headed cousin left out in the cold, ignored and ridiculed. Imagination is the key to understanding and the integration, inclusiveness and expansion of the information field that is a person. That is how we can say the soul is immortal. Information is never lost - information is energy and energy can only ever change state.

Somehow, imagination became excised from our inner life. A whole section of our being got put in a box and shoved into the back corner of our mind-closets, our beings, imprisoned and locked down.

When will we realize it is the doorway to the whole, entire, rest of being? There is an entire universe of wonder out there that will become part of us the moment we dare look further inside and see.

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