it’s a rock…

December 30, 2017 Alison Bell 0

Remember when you are researching and reading that you are reading the ‘voice’ of someone’s conclusions about what is being written. The tidbits of information, however are interesting and must be delineated from the opinion. Whether the information is correct or not, will in time, be easier to discern. The more information garnered, sort of like a tipping point, will make it easier to either connect the dots or not, but information cannot be thrown out because the deliverer has ideas ABOUT that information that you don’t agree with. Like looking at a rock and saying to yourself, ok, that’s [-MORE-]

As Above, So Below

December 23, 2017 Alison Bell 0

The entire reality paradigm is about analogy. Never forget that. All of what you perceive, all of what you see, has a sameness both above and below. So, that means: If you want to know if ‘aliens’ are good or bad, look around you. If you want to know if relationships are different outside of 3D, look around you. If you want to know if God (big ‘G’) exists, look around you. If you want to know if love is real, look around you. If you want to know if all the bull shit is real, look around you.   [-MORE-]

‘The Decision’, or clean your room.

December 18, 2017 Alison Bell 0

It is strange how life turns out sometimes. How you end up where you never thought you would, and how life sends you down weird twists and turns and across misty, dimly lit landscapes. By the time you are my age, you are used to meeting yourself, both your good and bad, your bright and your dark and you realize that it has all been training in ‘the decision’. My dearest friend in the world is walking down the path to death, release and a new reality, with great strength and forbearing. She is not ready to give up yet [-MORE-]

The Day Disclosure Happened

December 17, 2017 Alison Bell 0

The day disclosure happened, Jimmy church went live with a Saturday show. The networks all supported him. Tom Delong delivered and to make sure that it wasn’t disparaged, it came out on the mainstream media without a mention of his name. The day disclosure happened, those of us who have been involved with this issue for more than 50 years plus, sat back with our jaws on the floor. This was an unprecedented move by the government (!) of all places, to tell us, well not us, because we already know, but tell the ‘Jon Q Public” that the issue [-MORE-]

Take the box down off the closet shelf and open it.

December 15, 2017 Alison Bell 0

There is a profound interaction between energy and information and consciousness. Energy itself is conscious. Information is the matrix of that consciousness. Consciousness is the awareness of the intersection of the two states, the product of that multiplication is intelligence. If a soul is a gathering of a type of energy (consciousness coherence) then: that energy is a torsion tensor within an intelligence field of energy. It is a form of scalar wave. A body would be: a spinning coagulation of energy in organized cohered zero points. (chakras) as are all atoms, molecules and cell structures: simply larger organized areas [-MORE-]