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What is so hard for everybody in this country to understand given the amount of freedom we think we have, is that we are already in a 'police' state. Its only if you live out in the country and partially fly under the radar, that you are not caught in the ever escalating tightening of the screws. This police state is set up to manipulate public opinion in staged events - false flags, and fly under our radar, our notice while they do it. Any time you live in a system like this you will have vast disregard for the value of individual life, because in their eyes, you are simply a number or statistic, you are a thing. Not an individual.

That is why the majority of us feel victimized, brutalized and helpless, because we are, in their eyes and they treat us as such. From experience, the only way you can change this is to change your inner being and your perception of it, which, like magic, (or so it seems) changes the exterior conditions and situations. Why it does that is all wrapped up in quantum physics and science. How, you do it is a bit easier, because we already play with the quantum foam on a daily basis, but just don't notice it. It's embedded in our operating system.

Part of what draws us into the reality of the above is the personal recognition of another's pain and situation and being able to apply it immediately to how we would feel inside it if happened to us. It's called empathy. It is a higher function of our souls. When we see events like the last week taking place we are immediately connected to those who are brutalized, we feel their pain, we are hooked into the whole situation as if we were in the middle of it. 'They' are counting on that. 'They' see empathy as a lower mind function and use it as a tool to increase our feelings of helplessness and outrage. That way 'they' actually only have to do spot work, in small areas and it takes a lot less effort and planning on their part - costs less too. They obviously do not have any empathy. They think we are greatly handicapped by it. (For the purpose of this opinion piece today, they don't have empathy)

besideWhat we seem to have a problem understanding is that we are all connected. So when you 'feel' another's pain and outrage over an event, you are NOT helping, you are in effect hindering because you are multiplying that emotion. (It's kind of like what happens when one baby in a nursery starts to cry, all the rest will too….) It is really hard to stand to the side of your feelings, as an Observer, and see what is really going on. But if we want to help, and if we want to change the situation, then we must.

Love is a tall pillar of white light. imagesAMGG39UWIt is strong and it is powerful. If we could stand beside our innate feelings and instantaneous reactions, in the position of the Observer, we could marshal that light and send it instead of more of the same to an already bad situation. So long as we vicariously observe events, we become part of the problem.

It is important to point this out, because when we realize this and begin to use it, the more of us that do, the less the situations can harm any of us. The people who create these events to sway 'public' opinion would be stripped of any power to use us as ammunition aimed at any target they chose.

The Observer position does not mean that you do not feel another's pain, it just means that you are not allowing your feelings to be revved up, aimed and shot at a particular situation. 'They' want and need public outrage for these events to work. When you stand in the Observer in a situation, you can redirect, even choose the type of energy you are sending to any situation, because you are not in the middle of a knee jerk reaction. Then you can choose to send love, strength, insight, calm, resolve (crown energy) to an event to counteract the direction of the crowd energy. It works, both in personal and public formats. I have personally done this. Imagine what it would be like if many people could do this all at once. Talk about defusing an emotional bomb!! Being a teen during the riots in Chicago and Kent State back in the day, I was aware of some underground studies that were being done on mob energy, both in how to control it and how to incite it. Don't think that there are not very real well placed 'agents' inciting the very fabric of the mob into the specified, designed direction. There is NOTHING natural about it. Ever.

My point is this:

We Can Do This!!!

So just to recap here:

1. Mob violence is a science - look it up

2. Empathy creates instantaneous connection.

3. This is used as a tool against us (mainly because we are unware of it)

4. Use the position of the Observer instead of the voyeur to stop adding your emotion to the situation.

5. Standing in the Observer, decide the fabric/tenor/vibration of the emotion you will send.

6. If you can gather up some friends on this, the effect becomes logarithmic.

7. This is easy.

8. It is NOT a meditation.

9. It IS a frame of mind.

That is all.

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