What Do WE Choose?


If the past present and future are totally entangled - happening all at once, then that predicates there really is no free will - except that of the choosing. However, quantum theory states that in every moment due to the choosing there is a quantum collapse of the field one way or the other. The choosing directs which one. Every nanosecond we are creating the direction of light to produce this reality field. (I've been told this several times in my life - an every time I contemplate it I feel exhausted…lol) It is how we choose moment to moment in our daily lives to live with in this photonic construct that matters - makes matter, so to speak.

Which makes me think that the divine source created this experience/experiment/universe to determine something. Which would make our universe a question. If we are a question, then the only thing that matters is how we answer that question. Then you ask, "Well, what is the question? "

What do you choose: darkness or light?

This whole universe is set up to teach us what that difference is. As above, so below. What we see here is what we will see when we emerge from the planet. Everything that has gone before - every genetic experiment on this place has come to fruition at this point to embody souls that are prepared to ask this question.

We are light. Bohm said that:

All mass is frozen light (vibrating very slowly)

All Photons are totally entangled

Therefore the nature of all creation is light

We know from a million other sources that this is a truth, put in a zillion different modes all saying the same thing. (not going to trace this through history, you get the jist)

The planet has now arrived at a very important turning point. We have been a social experiment and it seems a sort of lynch pin, a turning point upon the universe's question: What do you choose? Because we are who we are - through no mistake - even though countless ET's have been involved in our creation and development, our embodiment of light - our souls, our very ancient souls, are being asked this question, now at this time.

For some reason this is important to the universe. Us. What we choose. It is a crux point. There is a horrendous battle going on now to kill us before we can make that decision as a planet in a big enough number to change the tide, as it were. Much has been done to muddle this question with religions and philosophies, and belief systems drugs, wars and destructions, UFO's Ets, fear porn, so that everywhere we look, we are distracted with problems so big we can't see through the fog to decide, But decide, we MUST! And for some reason it seems to matter to the rest of creation in this universe, what we decide, too.

In my two previous blog articles I asked Why? And then answered with Because. Once I did that I not only received numerous answers from lots of folks I admire, I also tapped into a larger picture, maybe got a few downloads that add up to this.

We are at this moment in linear time at a precipice. We have very ancient beautiful light souls in these bodies playing out a game requiring we don't remember who we are, to answer a question on which the nature of the entire universe will be determined. Scary thought. That we can't remember WHO and WHAT we are goes to answering the question: What do you choose: darkness or light? What is intrinsically stronger, what is the real natural order of things. Will we say yes to the light and evolve to remember our origins and come back to source, or will we plunge into darkness and die?

What Do WE Choose????

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