I have noticed an under riding theme in doing my research lately that troubles me. There is one faction of people - mostly the ones who create world policy, that blame the masses, or try to blame the masses for everything. Global warming - which is a political agenda - is all our fault even though the science behind it is faulty. They have crafted it as a way to re-distribute the 'global wealth'?!? There has been a huge push to separate one class of people from another for a very long time in various underhanded devious ways that get more technically intricate as time has gone on.

I was listening to a number of George Noory interviews to day and it suddenly struck me that what I was really seeing in and amidst all the conspiracy, break away this and that - and something that slips your notice until it's just in your face is;

For some inexplicable reason the people of earth, us minions, the little guys are really hated. I say hated because why else would there be such a huge lot of planning and training and media and everyway else you can think of, against us. We did it, We are at fault, it's our problem the world is going to hell in a hand basket because: us. Not only that, but they are very slyly trying to educate us to hate ourselves, to do their job for them. Placing a huge onus upon our souls of debit and guilt.

Today the obviousness of that just smacked me in the face. And when I thought about it - there have been some of us who have been hated as far back as the tower of babel, and the flood story, when we all were slated to die. There has always been a plan that we have managed to somehow foil and live on.

But WHY??? Why are we hated so and who is it that hates us enough to screw with us at this level? I don't understand. For most of us, all we want is to live in peace and find a little joy and love whom we love and sing our songs and dance our dances and be happy. Could that be why? That we are simple enough to just want that? I have felt this underlying hate all my life but never separated it out from the this-is-just-life base feelings that I was born into. As we are living today, we have taken on debit and willing walked into slavery on every level we exist at, all just to have a little comfort and joy in our lives almost without questioning or noticing what is at the bottom of all of it.

Hate. Unreasonable, psychopathic, twisted hatred.

My question here is why? I can't even twist my brain around in enough circles to even begin to understand why. I feel like if we knew why we could crumble this whole mess and sweep it away like so much dust.

So, Why?

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