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To be a little Clair-er…

September 12, 2015 Alison Bell 0

When my husband read the last article he didn’t understand the point of it.  So, I will try to be just a bit ‘clair-er’…so to speak. What I found out, the hard way in my youth, is that whatever your learning style is will be your strongest ‘gift’ (I hate that word in this context because we all have this system up and working). Kinesthetic/Clairsentient: If you learn by doing and touching and working with your hands, if ideas click when you are exercising or moving your body, you are kinesthetic. When you begin to listen deeper, you will find [-MORE-]


September 12, 2015 Alison Bell 0

Most of us who are waking will begin to notice what used to be called psychic ‘gifts’ becoming a normal part of your everyday life. This can be disconcerting, and you may even try to ignore it or write it off as just an odd anomaly. This article is to help you sort it out, catch it early as it’s just beginning and make some sense of it in your interior structure to help build a skill set. Through the years I have noticed that learning style – the way you put information into your being to grow and use [-MORE-]