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The Consensus is Alive…

September 16, 2015 Alison Bell 0

Most of my blogs cover, to some extent, how powerful human beings are singly and in groups, and as a mass consciousness. I’m always ranting about that quantum box in one way or another. This is a consensus reality. We feed it with our belief structures and our subconscious minds and our conscious minds. All of which form the ‘Consensus’ whether we realize it or not. In today’s world it’s a thousand times truer, because we share everything with everybody through the media, the internet, television, You Tube, the entire vast array of ways to communicate. There is also a [-MORE-]

Beyond The Strange! LIVE! Ep.#6 OPEN LINES! Sunday Sept. 13 6pm PT/9pm ET

September 16, 2015 Alison Bell 0

The Preliminary Investigation of the Lawler House in Suisan City just south west of Sacramento in Solano County CA   A Bit of history on this location:   It was estimated from Lawler oral family history that the house was built in 1857, although my current research may have to revise that date to a few years later. The ownership of the house in the original report indicated unknown ownership from the 1850s to 1919 when the Vest family bought the ranch. In 1932 they sold to the Field family who owned it until they sold to the Brownells in [-MORE-]