My Parents

July 5, 2016 Alison Bell 0

When I look at what has been going on in humanity for the last 100 years I see a concerted effort to unravel it’s best path. Yet, in some of us the vision is so strong, so vibrant, that I know in my heart of hearts, we will get there. -me I was fortunate. My parents, on purpose – because I had this conversation with my mother – never structured my belief system. Throughout my life I was aware how valuable this was, when several times I decided not to get that all valued piece of paper that said I [-MORE-]

Because: Love

July 3, 2016 Alison Bell 0

Because: Love Moment to moment. Choose. From another view point, Love has no duality. It is the way out. The doorway through which humanity can choose to leave this plane of duality. Through which humanity will ascend to 4D. The only doorway. Love has no opposite. It is the eternal Yes. Once I wrote yesterday, as always, it clarified in my mind what the question was. I have many fine teachers. Here are those answers. Gifts, all of them. Maia Dalma It is a legitimate question. Someone has already asked it, Alison. What do humans hate the most but each [-MORE-]


July 2, 2016 Alison Bell 0

I have noticed an under riding theme in doing my research lately that troubles me. There is one faction of people – mostly the ones who create world policy, that blame the masses, or try to blame the masses for everything. Global warming – which is a political agenda – is all our fault even though the science behind it is faulty. They have crafted it as a way to re-distribute the ‘global wealth’?!? There has been a huge push to separate one class of people from another for a very long time in various underhanded devious ways that get [-MORE-]