Gobekli Tepe and Interdimensional Machines

September 22, 2015 Alison Bell 0

Let us just suppose (another rabbit hole) that dimensions/densities and consciousness are connected. That what appears in our density as simple rock could be an actual functioning machine in a different dimension. That items, places, things in this dimension that look like one thing, when seen from say, the 5th dimension, are something else, and that if we could find the right altered state of consciousness to view them in it would be a simple thing to just look and see what they did. Supposedly these different states of vibratory existence exist on top of and intertwined with our physicality, [-MORE-]

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The Consensus is Alive…

September 16, 2015 Alison Bell 0

Most of my blogs cover, to some extent, how powerful human beings are singly and in groups, and as a mass consciousness. I’m always ranting about that quantum box in one way or another. This is a consensus reality. We feed it with our belief structures and our subconscious minds and our conscious minds. All of which form the ‘Consensus’ whether we realize it or not. In today’s world it’s a thousand times truer, because we share everything with everybody through the media, the internet, television, You Tube, the entire vast array of ways to communicate. There is also a [-MORE-]

Beyond The Strange! LIVE! Ep.#6 OPEN LINES! Sunday Sept. 13 6pm PT/9pm ET

September 16, 2015 Alison Bell 0

The Preliminary Investigation of the Lawler House in Suisan City just south west of Sacramento in Solano County CA   A Bit of history on this location:   It was estimated from Lawler oral family history that the house was built in 1857, although my current research may have to revise that date to a few years later. The ownership of the house in the original report indicated unknown ownership from the 1850s to 1919 when the Vest family bought the ranch. In 1932 they sold to the Field family who owned it until they sold to the Brownells in [-MORE-]

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To be a little Clair-er…

September 12, 2015 Alison Bell 0

When my husband read the last article he didn’t understand the point of it.  So, I will try to be just a bit ‘clair-er’…so to speak. What I found out, the hard way in my youth, is that whatever your learning style is will be your strongest ‘gift’ (I hate that word in this context because we all have this system up and working). Kinesthetic/Clairsentient: If you learn by doing and touching and working with your hands, if ideas click when you are exercising or moving your body, you are kinesthetic. When you begin to listen deeper, you will find [-MORE-]


September 12, 2015 Alison Bell 0

Most of us who are waking will begin to notice what used to be called psychic ‘gifts’ becoming a normal part of your everyday life. This can be disconcerting, and you may even try to ignore it or write it off as just an odd anomaly. This article is to help you sort it out, catch it early as it’s just beginning and make some sense of it in your interior structure to help build a skill set. Through the years I have noticed that learning style – the way you put information into your being to grow and use [-MORE-]

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IF tangents; THEN fun

September 9, 2015 Alison Bell 2

If time, in reality, is not linear thereby making it not time because time IS linear, then what exactly is it that we are experiencing in a linear fashion, that propels the seasons and ages our bodies and creates entropy and, and, and? In some religious texts and in some quantum theories, all time is/was happening in the now. Every moment has happened, is happening and will happen in the blink of an eye, now, in no time. In a flash, in a blink, in an endless moment. This would make the possibility of knowing everything and answering every question [-MORE-]

Beyond the Strange #5 with Bryan Anderson: The Flaperon Mystery at Reunion Island

September 8, 2015 Alison Bell 0

Brian Anderson, our guest, is extremely astute in this episode. He has an intense background in Aviation and many years of experience. He takes us through What a flaperon is, how it is constructed and how it is used.   He also explains that every plane has a minutely detailed maintenance record that documents every last part that goes on the plane and when and where the work was done.   http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/07/29/there-s-no-doubt-this-debris-is-mh370.html Yannick Pitou/AFP/Getty Clive Irving Eureka! 07.29.156:15 PM ET There’s No Doubt: This Debris Is MH370 A piece of a Boeing 777 discovered on an Indian Ocean beach can only [-MORE-]

At any Given Moment

September 7, 2015 Alison Bell 0

When we are listening to testimony from a person who wholly believes what they are saying, we also believe in what they are saying a great majority of the time. This is because of the empathy factor we all have. When a person believes what they say they invest their emotion into it. Often we say this person has a ‘passion’ for what they are talking about. Our ability to sense emotional undertones and current is inherent in our survival equipment. We all know what it feels like to be lied to, we all know what it feels like to be [-MORE-]

A New Month, A New Blog: FADE TO BLOG!!

September 5, 2015 Alison Bell 2

I HOPE YOU ALL ARE AS EXCITED AS I AM ABOUT THIS!   This is a place where we can, as Rene likes to say, complete a thought in over 140 characters. It is a place where we can weave our ideas into whole concepts, tell the stories of our experiences, report the very fadery stuff that we have happen in our lives, and have a way to share it with everybody.   We had some very real authorship going on in that ‘other’ site, and I delved into each post with delicious glee. You faders really say what I [-MORE-]