The Roswell Alien Interview : the information cycle

March 23, 2016 Alison Bell 2

I have been struck by the similarities of old and new information lately and the cyclic re-emergence of all of it. I have run across the book: Alien Interview By Matilda O’Donnell Macelroy.  The material in this book sounds like The Law of 1, the Bailey books, plus the Emerald Tablets of Thoth. It also sounds like the Blue Avians message. It also reminds me of the messages of the old-guys – Adamski, Menger, and VanTassell, (1) and what they wrote about the space bother’s message. I find that really, in whatever form it has come to earth, the message that was delivered [-MORE-]

Conversations with a group heart/mind on disclosure and the world as it is.

March 23, 2016 Alison Bell 0

I am blessed to know these people who speak through one name, although they are separate bodies and separate people but not separate hearts and minds. So, I asked to share this because I knew the answer would be a precious gem of wisdom. Now I share it with you – having permission to do so. If you were from off planet, would you see us this way? Alison Bell Have you heard this? I am curious of your thoughts, if you have. ROSWELL-Interview with an Alien-PART ONE In July 1947 the Roswell Army Air Field issued a press [-MORE-]

Proof: Malibu, Nordics, Reptilians, Temporal Tech….

March 1, 2016 Alison Bell 0

BOOM!!! DROP THE BOMB! EXCELLENT SHOW! WOW!! OMG! JIMMY YOU ROCK!!! #f2b   This is Jimmy’s announcement on F2B of the Malibu Deep Underwater Base   It was so startling that it made it into the news of the day. this excellent abc7 exposé with an interview of Jimmy, while at the same time they poked fun at the facts, because god-forbid, that it might be true. Next we have a Huff Post article that includes more dis-proof than proof saying the area had been studied years before and those in the ‘know’ already knew it was just… “I [-MORE-]

What if mom could read my akashic record….

January 13, 2016 Alison Bell 0

Imagine that you are an alien, well not exactly, let’s say that you are from one of our futures – meaning that you have evolved, you are telepathic but you are not so much different that you couldn’t fit in if you were to visit, your physical form is 21st century human. You know the language very well, but you are missing the cultural subtext of the conversation whenever you interact with the here and now people on the planet. But you are here to learn, to observe and understand, and teach, like a cultural historian. However, you are alien [-MORE-]