What Do WE Choose?

July 6, 2016 Alison Bell 0

If the past present and future are totally entangled – happening all at once, then that predicates there really is no free will – except that of the choosing. However, quantum theory states that in every moment due to the choosing there is a quantum collapse of the field one way or the other. The choosing directs which one. Every nanosecond we are creating the direction of light to produce this reality field. (I’ve been told this several times in my life – an every time I contemplate it I feel exhausted…lol) It is how we choose moment to moment [-MORE-]

2D-3D or 4D-5D? Which will it be????

June 23, 2016 Alison Bell 0

So, now, as we apparently (the whole planet) are raising our vibration and can expect creative ability to manifest easier and easier, maybe it was a good thing that there was a ‘lock’ of sorts on our ability to believe in what we could do…? And of course, isn’t it just sad and normal at the same time that we can create negatively all sorts of nasty, but that we find it hard to create positively? That the natural direction of our thoughts when we get bored, is to be negative, that being frightened is fun?? The law is: Anything [-MORE-]

If you meet Buddha on the road, Kill him…

June 14, 2016 Alison Bell 0

A kōan (公案?)/ˈkoʊ.ɑːn/; Chinese: 公案; pinyin: gōng’àn; Korean: 공안 (kong’an); Vietnamese: công án) is a story, dialogue, question, or statement, which is used in Zen practice to provoke the “great doubt” and test a student’s progress in Zen practice. From <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/K%C5%8Dan> On our road to waking up we must accept no masters, no greater than thous no better-thans. So, if on that road to enlightenment you meet Buddha do not bow. Part of what will happen in this course of disclosure – and should happen- is the wrecking of all gods, all others that offer to ‘fix’ us or the [-MORE-]

I know you are here.

June 10, 2016 Alison Bell 0

I know you are here. I would love to talk to you. I was born knowing you were here – I’ve waited all my life to sit across a table and drink some coffee and just simply be in the presence of someone off world… If ever you want to just sit and talk about nothing important; not EXO politics, not World policy, not the State of Affairs, but just about maybe our families and dogs and pets (do you have pets?) and my house and your house and the plants in the gardens where you live and here (do your plants talk [-MORE-]

June 4, 2016 Alison Bell 1

https://youtu.be/IsIU4Lzdew8 It seems, once again, we are awaiting something. But What? Well the options are endless. Anything from martial law to financial collapse, to aliens walking amongst us. Things are opening up and information is coming to light on The Secret Space Program, The Break Away Civilizations, Agenda 2030, the ancient backstory of the planet, and everybody is being generally more accepted with their own High Strangeness experiences, and of course Disclosure.   It sounds wonderful, right? And we all AWAIT.   IMO we love to await. Await the return of our religious saviors, await the return of the gods [-MORE-]

Reality is created by imagination. – John Rappoport

May 18, 2016 Alison Bell 1

Imagine that!! How did we end up flipping this to the other side – reality being prime instead of imagination? And might I ask, who’s reality are we living? Imagination is ungovernable Imagination is ultimate freedom Imagination is powerful Rita K @GCRNFade2Black  Imagination is your divine contract. much like free will #f2b When you add imagination and e-motion together you become a true creator. This is because emotion is a decision already implemented. In Motion… This makes us extremely powerful beings, this power to create what we imagine. Now add in a faction of beings that don’t want us to [-MORE-]

Frank Lloyd Wright, Ley Lines, Aquifers and Pyramidal shapes: CITD 2016!

May 12, 2016 Alison Bell 0

While I was looking through the pictures of The Joshua Tree Retreat Center, one of the most striking things I noticed were the geometric shapes, that suggested pyramids – both in the construction and the shadows created by the shapes of the shadows, and its general layout and positioning on the ground. Everywhere the photographer looked, the shapes suggest to the mind a pyramidal shape. Frank Lloyd Wright is one of my most favorite shape creators, believing in combining the outer and inner scapes in harmony and positioning. Wright believed in designing structures that were in harmony with humanity and [-MORE-]

The Racial Engram – Why?

May 10, 2016 Alison Bell 0

What would be the easiest way to keep genetic blood line experiments separate, to be able to track them throughout the centuries? How about implanting the social complex you wish to segregate with the concept of elitism, with a racial fear – fear of dimishment of power? The most efficient way to do this would be by calling one group of people bad, and another good, or better than? And to prove this to the ‘better than’ ones you are trying to segregate, why not give them a mystery school set of beliefs radically different from those of the rest [-MORE-]

On being HuMan

April 28, 2016 Alison Bell 0

Recently it has been confusing to write. The only thing ever to come out of me has been about my own experiences or opinions. I can only say what I have realized or observed. You all know I don’t have a formal educational scrap of paper making me ‘certified’ in any scholastic discipline. No biggie. But I’m a really opinionated personality. Probably because I say things out of hand – without any ‘recognized experience’ in the field to back it up. But I still write it out and offer it up. And… holy cow, I have people who read it! [-MORE-]

The Mirror of the Mind’s Eye

April 14, 2016 Alison Bell 0

This was a comment on yesterday’s post. I thought it was so beautiful and took the meaning of empathy so much deeper that I needed to share it.  When this blossoms in us all, we will need no law, no moral code except that of our loving hearts. This applies to the human race – it is an inborn quality of all of us. -Enjoy Maia Dalma Very perceptive, Alison. There is a difference between Empathy and Sympathy. Despite what you may have learned as a child, each of us are born knowing how to love. Everything else must be [-MORE-]